About Carivele

This digital version of the long-anticipated Collector’s Edition of CariVele is our very special gift to the people of Trinidad & Tobago on the occasion of the anniversary of the nation’s Independence. Inherent in the name “CariVele” is the resolve to unearth and share all that is admirable in the Caribbean. With this mission in prospect, Editor-in-Chief, Ephraim Hunte-De La Chevrotiere and his extensive cast of team members set the wheels in motion and today we are able to reach way “beyond the boundary”, both national and regional.

About Main

CariVele is considered by many, one of the Caribbean’s premier magazines and this Special Edition is certainly one of a kind. For the more traditional readers among us for whom turning pages is a gratifying experience and who love to maintain stuffed libraries, a special print edition will be available in leading bookshops. However, bearing in mind the exponential growth of the E publishing industry with its endless benefits, we can now reach out to you in the very short term.

Enjoy this Collector’s Edition of CariVele’s Tribute to Trinidad & Tobago, wherever you may be and whatever your preferences!