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Here is a magazine that is fresh, beautiful to look at and to the point. CariVele magazine is an annual Lifestyle interests publication – in all aspects, the very best that you can find.

CariVele magazine (CV) is spearheaded by Trinidad born Ephraim Hunte-De La Chevrotiere, an acclaimed make-up artist and photographer. Backed by his experience as editor to international magazines, Ephraim Hunte is sure to lead this magazine to a new level and height in Caribbean publications.

Facts about CariVele!

Much Thanks.

Ephraim Hunte-De La Chevrotiere


One form of promotion for our annual Collector’s Edition is through the circulation of 50,000 free booklets, distributed via subscription Newspapers, Professional offices, hotels, etc. This free publication is what we call the “Teaser promotional booklet” which is released as an interim issue to introduce our annual Collector’s Edition. The annual Collector’s Edition is usually a run of 50,000, to supply Trinidad and Tobago, the region, and our specialized international markets. We are also on-line with Blogs and Facebook, Instagram and twitter activities.

ReadershipIncome BracketAverage Age
60%(Working class/Professionals) TT$100,000 and up30 years and up
35%TT$40,000- TT$100,00018 years to 29 years


/lihrCariVele (CV) is an annual publication which allows your advertisements to be seen for approximately one year plus, at a nominal and competitive rate. Future plans for this publication will be as a tri-annual release.